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The Avenger --The Legend of Aeneas (1962)

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The Avenger --The Legend of Aeneas (1962)

Published 1962

A film that deal with elements of the Aeneid of Virgil, concentrating on the exiled Trojans confrontation with the Etruscans.

Run time 95 minutes
Producer Albert Band, Piero Ghione, and Giorgio Venturini
Audio/Visual sound, color


Giorgio Rivalta

Steve Reeves ... Enea (Aeneas)
Carla Marlier ... Lavinia, Latino's Daughter
Liana Orfei ... Camilla, Queen of the Vulga
Giacomo Rossi-Stuart... Eurialo
Gianni Garko ... Turno, King of the Rusalie
Mario Ferrari ... King Latino
Lulla Selli ... Queen Amata, Latino's Wife
Maurice Poli ... Mezensio, Turno's Henchman
Luciano Benetti ... Phalandre
Pietro Capanna ... Bisia
Enzo Fiermonte ... Acate
Charles Band ... Ascanio
Benito Stefanelli... Niso
Nerio Bernardi ... Drance
Adriano Vitale ... Dancer
Walter Zappolini... Dancer
Robert Bettoni ... Pallante
Andrej Gardenin ... Fencer (uncredited)
Furio Meniconi ... Henchman (uncredited)


Reviewer: matt1900 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 16, 2010
Subject: Legend of Aenaes
This is not the usual Steve Reeves sword and sandal flick. There are no great feats of strength or intervention by the gods. Rather this is an American western movie set in another era. The settlers lead by Aeneas are granted land to settle on by a benevolent king. The local land barons want to run them all off the land. They try to intimidate the group by threats and violence in an effort to get rid of them. There is a cattle stampede, sort of a rodeo , and a final showdown between the two antagonists. Steve Reeves shows that he can be a pretty good actor when he is given a decent script. I have noticed that the folks who made these sword and sandal movies always use some mighty fine looking horses in their films. In fact I have noticed a few of the same horses used in many of these films. I gave this film a high rating because in my opinion it was well acted and written plus the costumes and production values were good.
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